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Living-Hinge Mini Container Set (3 Sizes, 10 Each)

Item #: 80789
Our Price $20.95
Our Price $20.95

Get Organized with Living-Hinge Mini Containers

These little containers are great for storing miniature hardware, small parts, taps and dies, rotary tool and lathe accessories, ship model fittings, drill bits, knife blades, cutters and anything else you need to keep organized, handy and protected. Made of tough polypropylene with a snap lock top and a living hinge that never wears out. Smooth, straight sides let you stack containers like building blocks to conserve space. Includes three sizes: 1-1/8 inch x 11/16 inch x 1-9/16 inches tall, 1-9/16 inch x 11/16 inch x 2-1/2 inches tall and 1-9/16 inch x 1-3/4 inch x 2-1/2 inches tall.

Set of 30 (10 of each size).

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I’ve bought them twice.

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Excellent for organizing small parts. I’m now using ones from my second order. I don’t have much use for the largest size (I use them at home though). These containers seem to last forever and Dymo labels stay on them. Will buy more if needed.