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MakerBot METHOD X Filament 3 Pack (3 SR-30)

Item #: 90206
Super Buy Price! $339.00
Super Buy Price! $339.00

MakerBot METHOD X Filament 3 Pack (3 SR-30)

Optimized for the MakerBot METHOD X 3D printer, this 3-pack of SR-30 Filament is comprised of three spools of SR-30 soluble support filament, which is designed to bring your printed projects to life with strength and precision. SR-30 adheres to ABS and ASA materials and only dissolves in water when a separate Ecoworks cleaning agent tablet is added, which allows it to perform as scaffolding for complex and/or delicate structures, projects with hollow interiors, and more. The Smart Spool includes an integrated RFID chip that transmits information to the printer, including the material type, color, and amount remaining. The spool also has desiccant, which helps to maintain low moisture levels inside the drawer bay.

Includes 3 spools MakerBot SR-30 450g Support Material.

Note: This item ships direct from New York to contiguous 48 states only.

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