Metal Forming Pliers (Set of 4)

Item #: 60398
List Price $164.00
Our Price $49.95
List Price $164.00
Our Price $49.95

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Metal Forming Plier Set Bends Any Shape You Need

Our set will make loops, rings, S, C, Z, L and just about any other shape. Set bends strip stock up to 1/32 inch thick and wire up to 3/32 inch. The strange looking plier at the top of the photo will even bend hardened music wire. Made of polished stainless steel with box joints that keep jaws in alignment. Orthodontists use these and pay about $41.00 each from dental supply houses. We buy directly from the manufacturer. The result is a set of incredibly useful, well-made tools at a great price.

Customer Reviews of This Item Average: 4.85METAL FORMING PLIER SET

as another reviewer stated

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they do mar the metal a little but it's far from a problem for me

i make jewelry and this is perfect

by -

To make small hoop and other shape is easy with tool. Good buy.

only played with them for a little while

by -

i've only been using them for a week but seem to work well enough i need to spend more time



These are helpful but they mar the metal, so be prepared to clean up a bit after bending.


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so refreshing to buy a set of tools that actually do what they say they'll do. thanks micro-mark