Micro-Mark FlexCam Set

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List Price $357.99
New Item! $129.95

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Micro-Mark FlexCam is the Next-Best Thing to X-Ray Vision!

For all the times you've thought, "If only I could see into . . . " this amazing tool is for you! With a high-resolution, self-illuminating camera measuring only 8 mm in diameter integrated into the end of a 9.8' long flexible digital video transfer cable, you will not only be able to see that which was previously unseen with remarkable clarity and detail, you can even capture and save still images and real-time video.* Whether in total darkness, inside the smallest of spaces and even under water, FlexCam opens up a whole new world for viewing, inspecting, examining and diagnosing that which could never be seen before with your eyes alone.

The FlexCam system places a tiny full-color camera at the end of a flexible, yet resilient cable that sends high-resolution real-time video to its scratch-resistant 4.3" solid glass, 1080P HD LCD screen. Six brightness-adjustable LEDs surround the durable camera lens, providing as much illumination as you need to clearly see in the tightest of spaces, even in total darkness. With a focal length of approximately 1.5 inches to over 16 feet, FlexCam provides exceptional versatility for a wide variety of applications. A push-button control pad integrated into the viewing screen operates all of the camera's functions, including image up, down and rotation, brightness, image capture and more. Equipped with IP67 waterproof technology, FlexCam's camera can remain one meter under water for up to 60 minutes of continuous use without damage. Internal 2600mAh large-capacity USB-rechargeable battery provides up to 4 hours of working time; recharges to full capacity in 3.5 hours. LED indicator shows when the unit has reached full charge.

Model builders use FlexCam to show off all of that unseen detail painstakingly included inside their models; model railroad enthusiasts use it locate trouble spots with track and wiring in otherwise inaccessible areas inside tunnels, behind buildings and under benchwork; D-I-Yers and tradespeople use it to inspect and diagnose hidden issues inside walls, under cabinets, behind appliances, even inside pipes and conduits; mechanics use it to examine the interiors of combustion chambers and behind dashboards. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that FlexCam is so versatile that there are literally hundreds of applications that make it an indispensable tool for just about everyone.

Micro-Mark FlexCam Set includes a detachable 4.3" LCD 1080P HD viewing screen with push-button camera controls and built-in micro SD card slot for image and video capture*, molded handle, detachable 9.8' (3 meter) flexible camera cable with 1920*1080 resolution camera lens and six brightness-adjustable LEDs, 4 handy camera-tip accessories: magnet, hang-up hook, sideview mirror and protective cap, USB charging cable, and user's manual.

*Image and video capture requires a readily-available micro SD card. Micro SD card is not included.

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Good first impressions!

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Just received this and it seems very well made. The display screen is large and clear and the image quite good. The convenience of having the display on the handle is good, I have another that used your phone as the display and this is better. I have it charging right now and will try it out in "the field" as soon as that is complete