Micro-Mark MTP Moldable Thermoplastic Small, Two 5” x 10” Sheets

Item #: 89064
Our Price $9.95
Our Price $9.95

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Micro-Mark MTPTM - the Ultimate Heat-Formable Plastic Material

What non-toxic, solvent-free material cuts easily with a scissor, is self-adhesive and forms like magic with heat, can be layered, carved, sculpted and even laser-cut, and has virually zero waste because scraps can be reincorporated and reused? Micro-Mark MTPTM! Imported exclusively for Micro-Mark, our MTPTM (Moldable ThermoPlastic) is the same material professional costumers and prop makers from Broadway to Hollywood rely upon for creating the most realistic, highly-detailed, rigid, light-weight and extremely durable simulated armor, weaponry, props, sculptures and more. Sand color, 1 mm thick sheets.


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