Micro-Mark Stackable Ceramic Mug

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List Price $10.95
Close Out! $4.95
List Price $10.95
Close Out! $4.95

You Live and Breathe Your Hobbies . . . Now You Can Drink and Eat Them, Too!

Our stackable 12 oz ceramic mugs hold your beverage of choice in style (great for soup, too!). Super-wide shape is almost impossible to tip over, keeping your work area free of disastrous spills. Pick up an extra one for your brushes, pens, pencils and other small items cluttering up your workspace.

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**Micro-Mark Stackable Mug



This is awesome !!! I will buy a few here shortly. I notice that you have t-shirts now as well. Great move. I also noticed that the gentleman in the photo has a blue ball cap on... why doesn't the ball cap have a Micro Mark logo? I've been asking you guys to put the Micro-Mark logo on a nice cloth ball cap for about two years. I think that you're teasing me now. The mugs seriously look great! I would love to have one on my desk.