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Disposable Applicators for Exact Placement of Paint, Glue and More

Use a Microbrush to apply a tiny amount of liquid adhesive, paint or lubricant (as little as one-eighth of a drop!) exactly where you want it without spilling, dripping or staining. Microbrush tips are non-linting and non-absorbent, and feature bendable handles that let you reach hard-to-get-at areas easily.

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Excellent for applying glue or other materials into tight spots


I've been using the superfine Microbrushes for a few years now. They make it very easy to get glue, paint, solvent or lubricants into just the right spot with no mess. I use them a lot with glue, and I think it is far more effective than even the smallest glue bottle applicator. Because these applicators virtually eliminate waste, a tiny drop of glue squeezed out on to a paper towel can be made to last a whole project.