MicroLux Acrylic Airbrush Paints, 2 Oz Bottles, 10 Colors

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Our Price $7.95

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I had an opportunity to paint a model using MicroLux Grimy Black. I was very impressed with how well it sprayed and covered.

Russ K., by email
Superior Quality Acrylic Hobby Airbrush Paint in Popular Modeling Colors
  • Top 10 colors in economy-size 2-ounce bottles

  • Blended by expert acrylic paint formulators Acrylicos Vallejo to Micro-Mark specifications

  • Color matched to PollyScale paint samples. Labeled with PollyScale color names for easy cross-reference.

  • Water-based for safety and easy clean-up

  • Airbrushes onto any surface straight from the bottle (no thinning necessary)

  • Finely-ground pigments for smooth application and superior coverage with a thin coat

  • Extraordinary adhesion to all surfaces, including plastic, resin, steel and white metal

  • State-of-the-art acrylic resin for durable finish

  • Plastic squeeze bottle with dropper-style tip for easy dispensing

  • Practically no odor

  • Flat finish

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