Mission Models Acrylic Flat Paints, 1 Oz Bottles, 58 "Aircraft" Colors

Item #: 8740M
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$5.75 to $8.75

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­Mission Models' water-based formula does not include any unnecessary additives to create a straight-from-the-bottle, airbrush-ready paint. This means there are no shelf-life issues, premature chemical breakdowns or other disappointing surprises that occur with pre-thinned paints. If you desire an even lighter consistency to your paint, Mission Models Thinner is designed specifically for use with all Mission Models paint products to produce the finest finishes possible.

Tested through numerous airbrushes, including the finest tip sizes, we have found Mission Models Hobby Paints to be ideal for scale modelers, figure painters, graphic artists, crafters and all other makers. Although designed primarily for airbrushing, Mission Models Paints are equally suited for brush painting, yielding a smooth, durable, matte finish perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Clean-up is a snap with plain water, but Mission Models Thinner is the preferred method for the most thorough cleaning.

For your online shopping convenience, we’ve grouped our Mission Models paints into 3 groups. Find them using the search field on our website. For 10 Primary Colors, type "MM Primary;" for 44 Specialty Colors, type "MM Special;" for 53 Aircraft Colors, type "MM Air."

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