Multi-purpose Protective Plastic Face Shield

Item #: 89512
Close Out! $12.95
Close Out! $12.95

Multi-purpose Protective Plastic Face Shield, Made in USA!

The need to protect ourselves from anything that may make contact with our faces is more important than ever. This durable, optically clear shield protects your face from all types of liquid splatters, sprays, dusts, particles, sparks, and other light airborne debris produced by sanding, grinding, filing, sawing, etc. Made of PET plastic with a special anti-fog coating, this fixed-position shield provides great visibility, mild impact resistance*, and can be used over and over again. Just rinse off with water and dry with a soft cloth, or wash with a mild detergent such as dish soap. Fits easily over safety eyewear and prescription glasses. Includes a soft, comfortable "scrunchie" style headband and simple assembly instructions.

*Appropriate protective eyewear must be worn under face shield depending on the material being used and the type of work being performed.

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