Novus Try-It Pack

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Our Price $24.90
Our Price $24.90

Novus...The Final Step to Polishing Perfection

Expert car modeler Pat Covert uses Novus products as the final phase in obtaining mirror-like, high-gloss finishes on his models...and for good reason. The 3-step Novus system uses two different abrasive compounds to buff out imperfections on painted surfaces and unpainted plastics (use #3 to remove heavy scratches, and/or #2 to smooth fine scratches and eradicate the dull "haze" that comes from sanding), then safeguards the resulting glass-like finish with #1 Plastic Clean & anti-static, paint-safe*, smudge-resistant protective coating that "seals" the surface with a lustrous gleam.

Novus Polishing System includes 2 fl. oz. each of #1 Clean & Shine, #2 Fine Scratch Remover and #3 Heavy Scratch Remover, 2 polishing cloths and 6 Soft Touch Sanding Pads (#81601), plus Pat Covert’s detailed instructions on using the Novus Polishing System to obtain award-winning finishes.

*With the hobby paints we’ve tested, including acrylics, enamels, lacquers.

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