Neolube No.2, 2 fl. oz.

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Our Price $22.95
Our Price $22.95

NeolubeTM Lubricates, Blackens Metal and Improves Electrical Conductivity

Neolube is a water-thin graphite/alcohol solution that brushes on metal surfaces smoothly and levels perfectly without streaking. When the alcohol evaporates, a thin, tough, dark matte-gray coating is left behind that works like a dry lubricant, a metal blackener and an electrical conductor all in one. It is ideal for blackening locomotive wheels, steam locomotive side rods and other model linkages for a more prototypical appearance and improved electrical contact. 2 fl. oz. jar includes in-cap brush.

Note: Please use caution when coating insulated model railroad wheels with Neolube. Neolube may electrically bridge the insulation, causing the wheels or driver rims to short to the axle. Running the tip of a knife blade across the gap is one way to open the short if it occurs; it would be better to avoid applying Neolube across the insulating gap.

Ships by ground to 48 contiguous U.S. only.

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