Nomad 883 Pro Home/Hobbyist CNC Machine

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Super Buy Price! $2500.00
Super Buy Price! $2500.00

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Nomad 883 Pro . . . A Fully Integrated, Ready-to-Run CNC Mill that's At Home in Any Environment

There's no question that CNC machines make beautiful parts and components. But the knowledge required to use the hardware and software effectively, plus the expense of the machinery itself, put these amazing tools out of reach for all but a few hardcore hobbyists - until now!

Not just another CNC milling machine, the Nomad 883 Pro is designed to make the world of machining accessible to everyone. Let Nomad do the heavy lifting for you! All of the complexity of traditional CNC machines is handled in the background, with highly-integrated hardware and software that will help you take your ideas and turn them into reality. No more uncertainty and frustration . . . just open the box and get started! Perfect for hobby-sized projects, Nomad only takes up about the same amount of valuable desktop space as an ordinary inkjet printer.

Nomad 883 Pro includes "Carbide Create," the easy-to-learn yet powerful software which combines 2D sketching with 3D simulation to help bring your designs to life. Carbide Create not only builds toolpaths; it is a full-featured design program with features including curves, polylines, polygons, and node editing, so you can put its built-in CAD functionality to use as you develop your next project.

If you're already familiar with CAD programs such as Solidworks, Pro-E, Inventor, Autocad and more, simply import your DXF or SVG files, create your toolpaths, and start machining. Add and edit your own tools and specifications for square end mills, ball end mills, V-bit cutters, etc. then use the Tool Library to manage your collection.

One of the hardest aspects of CNC machining to learn for new CNC users is "feeds and speeds," so let Carbide Create take care of this difficult process for you. With its built-in feedrate calculator, all you need to do is select your material and cutting tool and the software does the rest.

Perhaps best of all, you can run a simulation of your project without wasting a bit of material. By seeing exactly what your part will look like, you can identify and correct potential errors before they happen and experiment with different materials before you've made a single cut.

Included hardware: Nomad 883 Pro CNC Machine with handsome bamboo enclosure, power supply, USB cable, 1/8" ER-11 collet, collet wrenches, 1/8" carbide cutter, roll of double-sided tape, 1/2" MDF wasteboard. Included software licenses: Carbide Create, Carbide Motion and MeshCAM; supported by both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Nomad 883 Pro Specifications:

Supported operating systems: Windows 7,8.1, 10; OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

Computer interface: USB

Cutting Area: 8" (X and Y), 3" (Z)

Travel: (X) 8"; (Y) 8"; (Z) 3"

Max. speed (X, Y) 100 in/min.; (Z) 50 in/min.

Mechanical resolution: .0005"

Mechanical repeatability: .0015"

Mechanical accuracy: .005 in/ft

Spindle speed: 2000 - 10,000 RPM

Spindle power: 50 Watts

Spindle collet: ER-11

Max. cutter diameter: 1/4"

Power: 110/220V, 2 Amps

Power supply: 240W; 120/240V

Weight: 65 lbs.

WARNING: Some dusts created by using power tools contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Use adequate protection. For more information, go to:

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**^Nomad 883 Pro CNC Machine Bamboo

Fantastic machines


I have Two Nomads... The first for over a year, the second is brand new. I make foil stamping dies with my machines in a industrial setting. These machines are little monsters!!! You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can make with these little machines.