Optivisor Binocular Magnifier

Item #: 18108
Our Price $64.95
Our Price $64.95

Optivisor Binocular Magnifier for Hands-Free Magnification

Our Optivisor Binocular Magnifier gives you 3-dimensional viewing by providing magnification for both eyes. Optical quality glass lens magnifies objects 2-1/2 times at a working distance of 8 inches. Additional interchangeable lens plates are available separately for other magnifications (see chart). Comfortable, light-weight leather headband has orthopedic felt padding and is fully adjustable to fit all head sizes. Tilts up and out of the way when not in use and can be worn over glasses. #18110 Attachment Loupe shown is optional (doubles the magnification of any lens plate) -- order separately.

Item #MagnifiesWorking
#523871-1/2 times20 inches
#523881-3/4 times14 inches
#523892 times10 inches

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Great investment for the exacting modeler

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This binocular magnifier is awesome! The focus is sharp and precise, with a comfortable easy-adjust headstrap, just slip on and turn the adjuster knob until the band fits. It is also really light. I do a LOT of close-up work polishing brass castings so comfort is particularly important to me. The really cool thing is, the lens sits far enough from your face that you can still wear reading or safety glasses, so no fooling around swapping eyewear. It is 2.5X magnification, not too strong, not too weak. This is a great buy that I wish I had made a lot sooner


Is the lens optical glass or plastic?


Is the lens optical glass or plastic?****************Micro-Mark Update: Hello, it is optical glass.