Palette 3 Pro by Mosaic

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Super Buy Price! $799.99

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Mosaics Palette 3 Pro works with your printer to provide a seamless multi-material printing experience with up to 8 inputs and built-in Canvas Hub functionality connecting to your printer has never been easier. Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months or 50,000 splices. Check out the full printer Compatibility List to see which 3D printers Palette 3 Pro is compatible with.
Transform your 3D printing experience with our best 3D printing solution yet!

With a simple plug-and-play setup, Palette 3 enables your printer to print multiple colors in one print, combine flexible and rigid materials together, and achieve high quality complex prints with soluble supports.

  • Communicate your ideas and bring your prints to life with Palette 3’s 8 color printing capabilities

  • Unlock multi-material printing by combining flexible and rigid materials

  • Experience Palette’s 3rd generation splice core for fast and reliable splicing

  • Automated filament management system allows you to run your longer prints without interruption

  • Custom designed brand new switch mechanism to make sure it performs for a long period of time

  • Integrated Canvas Hub to streamline communication between all your devices for an easier user experience

  • Manage all prints on the cloud with our seamless software integration of Canvas

Accessories included:

  • Power Supply

  • Stand

  • Extruder Clip

  • Filament Holder (for 8 spools)

  • USB Drive (8GB)

  • USB-A to UBS-B Cable

  • UBS-A to USB-Micro Cable

  • Screwdriver

  • Outgoing Tubes (2 small, 1 medium, 1 long)

  • Spare Splice Core Tubes (4x)

Filament Compatibility: 1.75 ±0.03mm PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, PVA, HIPS Shore hardness of 95A or harder

  1. 1. Inputs - Palette 3 Pro comes with 8 inputs to provide you with flexibility to use 8 different colours and/or materials for your prints.

  2. 2. Drives - Palette 3 Pro’s all-metal drive systems, inspired by those on industrial FDM machines, accurately control filament to ensure the right lengths are driven from each input.

  3. 3. Cut - A rotary cutter system slices filament to ensure a clean, low-resistance cut, time after time

  4. 4. Splice Core - Palette 3 Pro’s updated and optimized Splice Core splices filaments together in an improved and efficient manner, with an additional fan to cool down the filament as it exits the splice core, speeding up the process drastically.

  5. 5. Limit Switches - Newly designed limit switches made of hardened steel monitor filament throughout the device.

  6. 6. Enclosed Buffer - The newly spliced filament is passed to the updated, enclosed buffer system to cool and ensure that it keeps tight dimensions before being passed to your printer.

  7. 7. Screen - Higher resolution screen, with increased controls and settings allows you to customize your prints directly from the Palette 3 Pro screen.

Note: This item ships direct from Canada.

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