Parallel Jaw Plier, Chain Nose with Tapered Jaws

Item #: 85931
Our Price $19.95
Our Price $19.95

Parallel Jaw Pliers Hold Like No Others

These pliers have a special hinge that holds the jaws parallel to each other. So, objects being held won't slip out of your grasp like they do with standard plier's angled jaws. Smooth-faced jaws won't mar, and the double-jointed hinge exerts a vise-like grip with easy hand pressure. In a pinch, you can also use these pliers to grasp hex-head bolts without damage. Made of nickel-plated steel with blackened steel jaws. Chain nose with tapered jaws and 3/32 inch wide tips. Grip range 0 to 5/16 inch; overall length 5 inches.

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