Phosphor Bronze Sheet, 5 Inches x 7 Inches (Pkg. of 3)

Item #: 83100
Our Price $48.85
Our Price $48.85

Phosphor Bronze for Good Electrical Contact

The smoothest running model trains use phosphor bronze pickup shoes to assure good electrical contact with the track. They eliminate locomotive stalling and flickering of car lights caused by poor wheel-to-rail contact, and ensure DCC commands reach decoders. Make your pickup shoes from our .008 inch (nominal) phosphor bronze sheet. Just cut to shape with shears, or make micro-size pickups with our Pro-Etch photo etch system. Also used to make electrical contacts for dollhouses, boats, airplanes, sci-fi models, etc. Phosphor bronze does not corrode, solders easily and is long-lasting. Package includes three 5 inch x 7 inch sheets.

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