Plug N' Plate Nickel Plating Kit

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Our Price $59.95
Our Price $59.95

Electroplate Small Metal Parts at Home with the Plug N' PlateTM System

Plug N' Plate, a new concept in plating small metal parts, is ideal for vintage vehicle restorers, antique collectors and dealers, model builders, gun smiths, clock rebuilders, jewelers, prototype work and plating repair. Plug N' Plate is safe and easy to use: just clip one power supply output lead to your workpiece and the other to the plating wand. Dip the wand into the plating solution, then swab it onto your workpiece. You'll watch in amazement as a gleaming new finish appears before your eyes. Kit includes 120v AC power supply with low voltage output, 16 oz. plating solution, clip leads, plating wand and instructions.

#83082 Nickel Plating Kit deposits a solid layer of nickel onto steel, iron, copper and copper alloys (like brass and bronze), and tin. Buffs to a beautiful, rich shine. (Note: to plate die cast or pot metal parts, you must first apply a base of copper to prevent corrosion. See Micro-Mark #83248 Copper Plating Kit for details.)

I got your nickel plating to refinish a few spots on a 1908 Colt pistol I own, and it worked perfectly. Much better than I had hoped for.
Ed S.

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