Pro Model 5-In-1 3D Deluxe 24" Table Kit

Item #: 87709
Our Price $349.95
Our Price $349.95
If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It – with Hot Wire Foam Factory Cutting and Sculpting Tools

Unleash your creativity! There has never been an easier way to sculpt anything, from scale model railroads scenery, to 1-to-1 architectural elements to larger-than-life-size dragons, animals and more. With these easy-to-use tools, inexpensive, ordinary light-weight foam can be cut, shaped and transformed into virtually anything you can dream up. Used by movie studios, museums, world-renowned attractions, theme parks, architects, artists and more, chances are you've seen, touched or were amazed by something crafted with these tools. There has never been a quicker, more cost-effective way to bring your vision to reality. And, with our variety of finishing products, the pieces you create can even be made to withstand the elements outdoors.

#87709 Pro Model 5-In-1 3D Deluxe 24" Table Kit

Need to do scroll cutting, routing, milling, and lathe cutting? You will get all that and more in this ultimate multi-function professional foam cutting system. Kit includes 3D Deluxe 24-Inch Table • 3" Hot Knife, Sculpting Tool, Precision Engraver and Freehand Router • Variable-Heat Pro Power Station • 11.5" Vertical Blades; allow unlimited length horizontal cuts • Ultra-fine 8" Precision Blades; slice foam paper thin • 10" Router Blades; can be bent with fingers to any shape • Ribbon Blades for cutting foam moldings • Stationary Fence for controlled slicing • Unique Traveling Fence for controllable complex angles • Second horizontal rod for overhead milling operations • Instructional DVD • Printed Instructions.

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