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Quasar Lighting System for Optivisor

Item #: 83518
Our Price $27.95
Our Price $27.95

Customer Reviews of This Item Average: 41QUASAR LIGHTING SYSTEM

Overall, GREAT unit.


This is one of those devices that fits a need, perfectly, sometimes. Of the six LEDs, the bottom center one has never worked. After about 10-15 hours, the on off switch because VERY "positional", if I didn't think I had enough light, all I had to do was touch the switch, and the amount of light would change.


<br>Truth be told, this is the second one I've owned. The first one died when it fell, ripping the wires out of the LED array. That one's switch worked perfectly. I highly recommend the unit, but wish the wires were long enough to wear it on that BACK of the head, where the weight isn't so much of an issue. After a couple hours, the weight on the right side becomes distracting.

<br> Overall, bright, with new batteries, easy to install, simple directions, only down side is what I suspect are wiring inconsistencies.