Rotary Table, Dividing Plate and Tailstock Set for Mini Milling Machine

Item #: 82795
List Price $518.85
Sale Price $479.95
List Price $518.85
Sale Price $479.95

$18.00 Additional Freight

    A. 82792 ROTARY TABLE
    4 inches in diameter. One revolution of the handwheel rotates the table 5 degrees. Allows you to create an incredible variety of precision parts. Table has MT2 hole.

    B. #82793 DIVIDING PLATE
    Replaces the handwheel on the rotary table. Accurately rotates stock a set number of degrees. Examples: for milling teeth on a gear, flats on a nut, or drilling equally spaced holes.

    C. #82794 TAILSTOCK
    Supports the end of a shaft when rotary table is placed vertically on the machine table.
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