Rinse Well

Item #: 81415
Our Price $25.95
Our Price $25.95
It's Like Having a Sink on Your Workbench

The Rinse Well keeps you supplied with clean rinse water when brush painting with water-based paint. Just rinse your brush in the well. Then press the button and the dirty rinse water drains into the base while the well automatically refills with clean water. Saves time and eliminates the mess of filling and refilling several rinse containers. 7 inch diameter base. 20 oz. bottle capacity.

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great out of the gate, but............


this product was great for the first 6 months or so. Once the little blue drain stopper loses its shape it can no longer maintain a tight fit to the opening. Therefore a slow leak develops and there is nothing you can do about it. It drains the entire bottle of clean water in a couple of minutes. If you had a way to buy extra stoppers it would be a 5 star product