Rum Ration Cup

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Our Price $21.95

The rum ration, also called tot, was a daily amount of rum given to sailors on ships. For over 300 year, ship crew members were served a daily ration of rum using this measuring cup. This handsome cup, adorned with the decorative Crown and Anchor of the British Navy, is handmade of copper and brass with a silver-plated interior. 

The midday time that the rum ration was distributed was called "Up Spirits" and took place between 11am and 12 noon. Up Spirits began with a bosun's call, sometimes termed boatswain call. A bosun's call is made with a whistle or pipe that is used to make numerous commands on a ship, including the Up Spirits time. (To see and hear such a call, search "bosun's call.")  A common crew response to the bosun's call to Up Spirits was "Stand fast the Holy Ghost."

The rum ration was abolished in 1970, after concerns that regular intakes of alcohol would lead to unsteady hands when working machinery. This replica Rum Ration Cup makes a great gift for a modeler or ship builder.

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