Silabond Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, 2oz

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Our Price $54.95
Our Price $54.95

New Silabond pressure sensitive (PS) silicone adhesive by Howard Berger is here!!!

“Silabond Adhesive is as close to 355 Adhesive from the good old days as you can get. It gives me time to place a piece, be it foam or silicone, without flashing off too quickly, and once it’s down, it stays down all day. It’s a glue I use on every show I Dept. Head on. I dig it!” Howard Berger, Makeup Dept. Head, KNB EFX Group

Silabond is a silicone based pressure sensitive (PS) adhesive designed to provide superior hold and performance under any conditions. It works especially well with silicone appliances, hair, foam, latex, plastic and rubber.

Silabond silicone prosthetic adhesive is nearly odorless making application comfortable for both the makeup artist and model/actor. EBA's exclusive formula uses only FDA approved ingredients and is completely free of ethyl acetate, heptane or skin irritants. Silabond uses the fastest evaporating solvents approved for skin use. Silabond is the favorite silicone prosthetic adhesive of Howard Berger and pro makeup artists in the film and TV industry.

Silabond Advantages:
  • Water and perspiration resistant

  • Pressure sensitive (PS)

  • Strong and fast bond

  • Skin safe and odorless

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