5-Minute Jig Putty, 1 Lb.

Item #: 81853JP
Our Price $36.95
Our Price $36.95

Have you ever had an item that you wanted to drill, sand, file, engrave, saw, paint or manipulate in some way that could not be held in a typical vise due to its fragile nature or the fact that it had an inconsistent shape? Or, not even held continually or easily by hand while working the piece?

Now there is a way!

This putty, when hardened can capture the delicate pattern or oddly shaped item sufficiently in order that you can perform your operation easily. Mix together equal portions of Part A and B of this silicon putty to create the semi rigid supporting jig you need in less than 5 minutes! We have used it to hold shells for bracelets and jewelry making, holding complex shapes like motors, glass for core drilling holes while in a water bath and for holding miniatures for painting. A little goes a long way and you could make dozens of jigs from the 1-pound amount that we supply.

View our attached video to understand the possibilities and the process to enable your projects to go faster, safer and easier than ever before. Got a lot of a particular item that you wish to work on? All you will need is one mold and you can insert the piece into your mold, work, remove and replace with your next piece. You can even make a mold with enough putty material, that once hardened, can be cut with a utility knife into a square or rectangular form and then held it in an actual bench or machinist vise without damaging the item. Discover the possibilities!

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