Skin Tite Skin Safe Silicone, 8 oz

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Our Price $24.95
Our Price $24.95

Certified Skin Safe!

Skin Tite™ is a skin safe silicone used to create fast wounds, scars and to adhere silicone appliances directly to the skin. It can be sculpted “on the fly”, offers maximum control and stays precisely where you put it. Skin Tite™ will adhere to the skin and perfectly conforms to all contours. Cured rubber is strong and will flex with body movement. Wounds and appliances will not come off until you remove them. Material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

An infinite variety of color effects are achieved using Silc Pig™ silicone pigments. Blended Silc Pig™ color pigments added to Skin Tite™ will create hyper-realistic cuts, scars, slash wounds, bruises, necrotic (dead skin) effects, bullet holes and more. Thi-vex™ thickener will thicken Skin Tite™ for even greater vertical hang control and is ideal for creating skin pockets, hanging skin, deep cuts & wounds, holes and more.

Bio-Adhesive: Skin Tite™ can also be used to adhere skin effects silicone appliances or silicone masks to the skin even when affixed to hard to hold areas such as elbows, fingers and joints. It is ideal for repetitive motion applications. Skin Tite™ will release from closely cropped hair-covered skin surfaces (short arm hair, beards, mustaches and eyebrows).

Mix Ratio: 1A : 1B weight or volume.

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