Slim Line 2-Piece Hard Wire and Soft Wire Cutter Set

Item #: 89944
List Price $175.00
Our Price $69.95
List Price $175.00
Our Price $69.95

Step Up to Our Very Best Precision Wire Cutters
  • Dental-quality tools
  • Designed to work in tight places
  • Made with high carbon 420 Japanese surgical stainless steel
  • Includes gold electro-polished handles
  • Can slice even music wire up to .026 inches thick
  • Originally designed for orthodontists, these slim precision tools are right at home working in confined spaces; plus, their carbide cutting inserts leave a smooth, burr-free edge on both hard and soft wire. Made of high carbon 420 Japanese surgical stainless steel with gold electro-polished handle ends, these powerful cutters will even slice through music wire up to .026" with ease. Set includes a 45 degree angled flush cutter that cleanly snips wire right-to-the-tip, and a straight-jaw cutter with a perfectly matched pair of "L" shaped carbide edges that act as a male / female die set, leaving a flat, distortion-free end. These beautifully made cutters are ideal for jewelry designers and other serious makers. Each wire cutter is 5" long.

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