Slim Line 5-piece Metal Forming Plier Set

Item #: 89943
List Price $235.00
Our Price $99.95
List Price $235.00
Our Price $99.95

Slim Line 5-Piece Metal Forming Plier Set Forms Any Shape You Need, Even in Tight Spaces
  • Tri-finger plier bend from 1 to 180 degrees
  • Flat-faced plier great for reversing and attaching wires and flattening wires
  • Narrow flat and connect lateral plier tapers to 1/32 inch
  • Flat-faced head, thin jawed plier
  • Special effects male/female die plier with carbide inserts
  • Like our ever-popular and exceptionally useful #60398 4-piece Metal Forming Plier Set (available separately), we have reached out to our source for unique specialty pliers to assemble this new, beautifully made Slim Line Metal Forming Plier Set. Designed to complement and extend the functions and capabilities of the original set, this finely-crafted new set will allow you to form U, V, and virtually any other shape, with skill, control and accuracy, even in confined areas. Let your creativity run free! Pliers are made of highly polished stainless steel and feature box-joint construction for precision performance and durability.

    Set includes (refer to image):

    A. Tri-Finger Plier. Easily forms bends from 1 degree to 180 degrees, even in very confined spaces.

    B. Flat-Facing Plier features a 5/32" wide x 1/2" tall, multi-channeled head that accommodates several different wire gauges and provides strong, positive grip. Flat-to-flat jaws include carbide inserts for added strength and long life. This plier is great reversing wires and flattening them together.

    C. Narrow Flat and Conical Head Plier. With tips tapering to a mere 1/32", this plier grips tight while forming spirals, partial bends and loops.

    D. Flat-Facing Head, Thin-Jaw Plier. With jaws that are only 1/16" x 1/2" tall, this plier makes tight bends in areas that wider pliers cannot reach.

    E. Special Effects Male / Female Die Plier. Super-hard carbide inserts give this plier the extra strength and agility to form many unique shapes.

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