Surgeon's Splinter Forceps

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Our Price $24.95
Our Price $24.95

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Ultrafine Needle Point Pliers Works Like a Tweezer

This beautifully made tool is used by surgeons to remove glass, wood and metal splinters from accident victims and when tweezers won't give them a strong enough grip. You'll use them when you need an extra fine needle nose plier for gripping the smallest miniature items and for making tiny bends in wire and strip metal. Made of polished, surgical quality stainless steel with box joints and spring return. 6 inches long overall.

WARNING: This products packaging can expose you to chemicals, including Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.For more information, go to:

Customer Reviews of This Item Average: 52SURGEONS SPLINTER FORCEP


A sturdy little tool with multiple uses


I've had these for a number of years, and they have many uses for which most tweezers or pliers would be inadequate. They're just very handy to have in the toolbox in which I keep "model railroad tools." (Squizzers® and lots of other items I've only found at Micro-Mark.)
<br>I recently discovered another use that I hadn't thought of when I bought them:
<br>1) Insert closed points into the shell of a stubborn pistachio.
<br>2) Allow spring-action to open the points.
<br>3) Enjoy another pistachio nut.


Better than standard tweezers.


I keep these in my first aid kit.