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TANKART 1 German Armor Painting Technique Book by Michael Rinaldi

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Our Price $39.95

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The 3rd Edition of TANKART 1 German Armor book is 288-pages in length and wrapped in a matte laminated cover stock with the interior pages designed to show the models and writings at their absolute best. Inside the original models; Befehls Panther G, Tiger I Initial, Sd.Kfz 251/22 Pakwagen, Hetzer, and Panzer IV DAK are presented in an updated and refined layout. The guest author, Lester Plaskitt's World-class Sd.Kfz 251/21 Drilling is expanded to match the style of the other chapters, including new orange caption boxes explaining his impressive skills.

New to the volume are two models that will provide even greater expansion of the TA1 conversations. The first is a winterized 10.5cm Sturmhaubitze 42, and the second is a very popular model finally getting its TANKART debut, the famous Panzer IV mit 88mm. This model was the first build of its kind after photos surfaced of this unique and rare field-modified Panzer IV. In addition to these 2 model chapters, the Technique Chapters have been edited and updated to the latest in conversations related to using the Hair Spray Technique, Oil Paint Rendering and newly added Technique Proficiency pages.

About the Author:

Michael Rinaldi, owner of Rinaldi Studio Press, is a world renowned scale modeler turned hobby publisher. American born and raised, with a background in automotive and graphic design, he took his love of building scale models and created a new series of how-to books to further the efforts of his fellow hobbyists. Michael is well known for his gold medal winning painting and weathering, especially his innovative use of oil paints with his signature Oil Paint Rendering technique.

The first book series, launched in 2012 called TANKART, has become synonymous with modeling excellence in all areas of publishing with contemporary graphic design, high-quality large photography, accompanied by a depth of text never seen before. Each model chapter featured showcases the HOW and the WHY of each step in finishing models to world class levels, and the four current TANKART books cover armor modeling in incredible detail from start to finish.

The new SM Series (Single Model Series) are innovative, cool, and efficient in that they cover one model from start to finish in unparalleled detail and photos. The new size and graphics designed to focus everything on the model itself. Again, the HOW and the WHY are discussed at each step of the modeling process, combined with amazing color photos, these new SM books provide the best in American hobby publishing.

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