The Giants Of Laramie, Signed Art Print

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The Giants of Laramie

The Union Pacific "Big Boy" was the largest steam locomotive in America. This fast freight behemoth pulled freight well into 1960. The "Giants of Laramie" shows the daily task of replenishing the coal needed to fuel these massive engines.

Print size: 22 inches wide x 18 inches high

Signed print

Peter A. Lerro Jr.
Illustrator and Graphic Designer

As a boy growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, Pete fell in love with the many trains, trolley cars, subways and buses he saw transporting residents and commuters around the city. Spending hours drawing and coloring these scenes was a daily occurrence and eventually became the passion that he wanted to pursue as a professional.

Perfecting his creative, design, production and illustration skills, Pete worked for various advertising agencies in the Philadelphia and Northern Virginia region. As an illustrator, Pete’s railroad reproductions are distributed worldwide and presently feature Northeast Railroads, traction and transit. He is currently working on commissioned paintings portraying other roads across the United States, including an exclusive painting and limited edition print for Scientific Models featuring the Keddie Roundhouse.

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