Thin-Beam Square

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Our Price $19.95
Our Price $19.95

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Special Square for Marking and Cutting Thin Materials

Use our Thin Beam Square to mark and cut thin wood and plastic. The extra-thin profile of the beam allows the blade to stay in close contact with the surface of the workpiece, so scribe lines and knife cuts will be super accurate (see the image of our Thin Beam Square as compared to a traditional square at left). Works on sheet and strip stock up to 4 inches wide and as thin as 1/16 inch. Made of ground steel to Micro-Mark specifications.

"Your low profile square is a great example of how the simplest ideas are often the best. It is such an improvement over conventional squares for cutting thin sheet material. I use it almost daily and immediately purchased a second for my stepdaughter, who also loves it for her craft work."

Mike T., email

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Get it!


I'm a woodworker and a metalsmith. I religiously use a combination square with wood, but had been looking all over the Internet for something I could use with thinner material, like sheet metal. Ahhhhhhhh...finally! I can't tell you awesome this is for me! I caught one on sale for around $10, then I lost it. I turned around and bought a second for $20, knowing the other one would turn up. It did. I use them both all the time!


Perfect tool, wish there was a 6" option, too.


I use this tool daily and absolutely love it. I recommend it to many people, but I really wish there was also a 6" option.


Thank god for micro-mark!

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I can honestly say I use this almost every day. Description is spot on the usual square tools never fit the materials I use and I use this when building my dioramas.