TimeForMachine "Dazzling Steamliner" Metal Mechanical Model

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TimeForMachine "Dazzling Steamliner" Metal Mechanical Model

This beautiful steamliner is the pride and joy of our series. A sleek, aerodynamic metal model, inspired by dieselpunk, steampunk and historical designs.

It’s a gift and collector’s piece that is truly impressive and universal. It can decorate any space: from your study, to your living room, to a formal corporate office.

The model is powered by a spring-mechanism. From the top and from the side you can observe the movements of the gear-wheel and the flywheel inside the train. The layout of the wheels is based on the famous Union Pacific Big Boy. The wheelbase of the locomotive is 4-12-6. The metal model kit scale is 1:64. The width of rail is 24 mm (1"). The coal tender can be unhooked from the locomotive. Engine can be turned on and off.

* Assembly required

  • Package size: 345 x 175 x 45 mm (13.5 x 7 x 2")

  • Model size: 510 x 71 x 62 mm (20 x 3 x 2"), rails 1530 х 37 х 6 mm (60 x 1.5 x .25")

  • Set: 7 plates with parts, 38 additional gears, spring, cloth for polishing and instructions.

  • Material: polished stainless steel.

  • Number of pieces: 256 pieces.

  • Recommended age: 14+

  • Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Russian.

  • Customer Reviews of This Item Average: 51TimeForachine "Dazzling Steamliner" Metal Mechanical Model

    TimeForachine "Dazzling Steamliner" Metal Mechanical Model

    Really enjoyed this kit - High Quality

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    WOW Really impressed with this kit. The metal is thick but not too thick. Also uses some cast parts. All assembly is done with needle nose plyers and a nipper to cut the pieces out. Very clear instructions. My first metal kit. Would be hard for a beginner.