Ultimate Decal Maker's Super Value Package, M254dw

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List Price $696.98
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With Our Ultimate Decal Maker's Super Value Package, You Can Print Your Own High-Quality OPAQUE White, Yellow and Other Light-Colored Decals!

Until now, the ability to create your own opaque white and other light-colored decals for application on dark backgrounds has been one of the most elusive and daunting tasks facing modelers, prop builders and other makers. Finally, Micro-Mark has delivered the solution. Working closely with HP and a manufacturer of unique white laser printer toner, Our Product Development Team was able to bring together the optimal combination of laser printer, toner and blank water-slide decal material for creating high-quality, truly opaque decals. Through extensive in-house testing, we've been able to achieve exceptional results, rivaling commercially produced decal sheets. The key is in the components. The HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw is 100% compatible with our Ghost White Toner and our Clear-on-Blue Decal Material. We worked overtime to eliminate the guesswork so you can focus on creating amazing decals! See our instructions below for additional details on the process.

Can you say versatile? With the right materials, you can also use the Laser Printer/Ghost Toner combination for making custom transfers for t-shirts, mugs, labels, signs and more. A series of helpful instructional videos for these additional applications, made by the manufacturer, are available on YouTube to help you get started. And, with the included black toner cartridge, you can print documents as you would with any other laser printer.

#88235K Ultimate Decal Maker's Super Value Package includes #89235 HP Laserjet Pro M254dw Wireless Color Laser Printer with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black toner cartridges, #88236 Ghost White Toner Cartridge, and #88925 Clear-on-Blue Blank Decal Paper, 10-pack.

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#Ultimate Decal Maker's Super Value Package, M254dw

Ghost White Toner and the HP M254dw printer........


First a disclaimer, I bought the printer locally but I did purchase the Ghost White toner from Micro Mark during their black Friday promotion. I am still in a learning curve as far as doing the artwork. To date I have done simple race car graphics such as numbers, sponsor names, drivers names etc. The white toner works better than anticipated. It is far more opaque than I thought it would be and so far have not had the need to double up decals when going over a dark color. The HP toner is not as opaque and may require a white "under decal" to get good color. Understand that you cannot print color and white at the same pass as you swap the white/black toner cartridges depending on your needs. I used the MicroMark clear decal paper and it has fed thru without any jams or problems. This opens up a lot of new decal possibilities for the hobbyist that has not been available since the demise of the ALPS printers. So far I am quite pleased with my results.