Vapore Makeup Remover, 2 oz.

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Our Price $6.95
Our Price $6.95

This item has been discontinued, you may be interested in Woodland Scenics® Deuce's Bike Shop Built & Ready, O Scale instead.
Vapore is a very effective and unique makeup remover that removes solvent, alcohol, silicon and water based makeups

Unlike other cleaners that remove only one type of makeup Vapore contains a blend of the most effective makeup removing ingredients in one formula. Thus, Vapore is the most versatile makeup remover on the market capable of cleaning virtually any cosmetic grade makeup and also removing adhesives used for prosthetic, glitter and hair application. Although Vapore is a powerful remover it can be used more frequently than pure alcohol due to its moisturizing benefits. It is packed with a blend of the most effective makeup removal ingredients that includes jojoba, macadamia and aloe oil extract.

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