Warlord Games© Doctor Who - Voyage of the Damned - Exterminate! Figures & Cards

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List Price $29.95
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Warlord Games© Doctor Who - Ice Warriors - Exterminate! Figures & Cards

Travelling alone, the Tenth Doctor crash lands the TARDIS into the side of the Titanic, although this version happens to be a luxury space cruise liner!

Its engines sabotaged, the Titanic is on a collision course with Earth. Posing as a passenger, only the Doctor, joined by waitress Astrid Peth and an eclectic mix of survivors, can save the lives of millions on our home planet.

As deadly Heavenly Host robots controlled by the corrupt Max Capricorn begin to pick off the passengers, mass carnage and great personal sacrifice follow as the band of survivors desperately try to avert a catastrophic disaster.

The box includes five highly detailed pewter miniatures: Tenth Doctor, Astrid Peth, Bannakaffalatta, and two Heavenly Hosts.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted



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