Zoukei-Mura McDonnell Douglas F-4D Phantom II Plastic Model Kit, 1/48 Scale

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Super Buy Price! $76.00
Super Buy Price! $76.00

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The impressive design of the 497th TFS "Night Owls", used in night runs during Vietnam with the "Towel-hanger" (LORAN-D Antenna) installed right on the back of the fuselage!

F-4 fans, pay attention to these 8 differences between D and C!


  • 1. FCS changes from AN/APQ-100 to -109. 

  • 2. INS, from AN/ASN-48 to -63. 

  • 3. Bomb computer AN/ASQ-91 and AN/ASG-22 sight installed. 


    • 4. Some aircrafts have AN/ARN-92 LORAN-D antenna (aka "Towel Hanger") on the back, used in Vietnam. 

    • 5. Some others have RHAW antenna installed in every section. 


    • 6. Pave knife pods (AN/AVQ-10), operative laser target designator pods and laser guided bombs added. 

    • 7. All the ECM pods for AN/ALQ-87/-101/-119 mounted on. 

    • 8. Operable AIM-4D added.

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