Painting/Finishing Accessories

Micro-Mark is the expert's source for painting supplies, decaling and finishing supplies. Our airbrushes and compressors are quality-tested for customer satisfaction, ensuring a perfect coat of model paint every time. Micro-Mark's accessories make painting that much easier, with an assortment of unique no-mess tools. Need to add a touch of realism to your model railroad or town? Our weathering kits include expert modeling materials to create a realistic, weathered look.

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Paint Shaker, 120v AC
# 27162
List Price $64.95
Online Price $57.99
Tamiya Spray-Work Painting Stand Set
# 83368
List Price $39.95
Online Price $34.99
Extra Strap for #27162 Paint Shaker
# 27162A
Online Price $1.95
Bare Metal Foil, Matte Aluminum (Set of 2)
# 80795
List Price $15.95
Online Price $12.99
Bare Metal Foil, Ultra Bright Chrome (Set of 2)
# 81636
List Price $15.95
Online Price $12.99
Acrylicos Vallejo Airbrush Thinner
# 87199
Online Price $14.95
Acrylicos Vallejo © Still Water - 200 ml
# 85842
Online Price $12.95
Acrylicos Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver
# 87200
Online Price $14.95