Plating and Etching

Our mission at Micro-Mark is to be your source for premier photo etching, chemical etching and plating supplies for all of your modeling and hobbyist needs. We carry everything from plating kits and etching systems to mini sandblast gun kits and chemical milling supplies at low prices. At Micro-Mark, we take great pride in providing high quality tools and the best customer service in the industry.

8 Products

Xuron Professional Photo Etch Scissor
# 84903
List Price $31.95
Online Price $26.95
MicroLux® Mini Sandblast Gun Set
# 86118
List Price $79.95
Online Price $69.95
MicroLux® Grit Blaster
# 82775
Online Price $299.95
Vision Portals for MicroLux® Grit Blaster
# 86843
Online Price $11.95
Extra Steel Tip for Paasche Air Eraser
# 84295
Online Price $10.95
Glass Bead Abrasive Grit, 5 Lbs.
# 82534
Online Price $24.95
Crushed Glass Abrasive Grit, 5 Lbs.
# 82533
Online Price $24.95