How the Micro-Mark Pro-Etch
Photo-Etch System Works

You create artwork in a drawing program on the computer. You then print out the artwork with an inkjet printer onto the special film we include. Next you laminate the included photoresist material to the metal you want to etch. The film you printed on is then placed over the laminated metal and exposed to the noonday sun for 15 seconds or for 10 minutes under a 100 watt light bulb. The Ultraviolet rays from the sun or bulb harden the photoresist in the areas that are clear on the film. The black areas of the artwork block the ultraviolet rays and therefore the photoresist under the black areas is not hardened. The exposed laminated metal is then placed in a developer which removes only the unhardened photoresist. Next, the metal is placed in an etching tank with Ferric Chloride etchant. Those areas with the hardened photoresist protect the metal and will not be etched. The remainder of the metal is removed by the etchant.