iGaging Bench Squares - Pair (4" & 7")

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Our Price $84.95
Our Price $84.95

iGaging® Bench Squares - Pair (4" & 7")

Triangle carpenters squares have been used by woodworkers for many years. A versatile tool in woodworking it can be used as a try square, mitre square, line scriber and saw guide. However, carpenter squares are usually big and bulky and lack the precision needed for bench work such as joinery and furniture making.

iGaging’s Bench Squares feature a 2mm thick CNC cut stainless-steel body, laser engraved markings, and a blue anodized Aluminium base.


  • Set of 2 squares – 4" and 7"

  • Pencil and lead refills included

  • 2mm stainless steel body

  • Matte non-glare finish

  • Blue anodized Aluminium base metric rules on both the square and base

  • 1/32" graduations

  • 1° angle graduations + 22.5° and 67.5°

  • Multiple-reference points for angles

All the squares have a ruler with drilled holes along the straight edge. With the point of the included mechanical pencil in a hole, you can smoothly slide the square along an edge to layout lines parallel to the edge.

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