Micro-Mark is the experts' source for clamps for micro projects. Our mini clamps are must-have items for every modeler and hobbyist and can be used for supporting work pieces that need to be soldered, filed, drilled or carved, filed, drilled or carved. All of our small clamps, including woodworking clamps, undergo the highest level of high quality testing and are backed by Micro-Mark's no-quarrel guarantee.

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Proxxon Micromot Tool Clamp
# 88509
Online Price $10.95
Original Right Clamp
# 83044
Online Price $34.95
Long Right Clamp
# 83265
Online Price $34.95
Long Combo Right Clamp
# 85168
Online Price $49.95
Splice Clamp
# 83541
Online Price $34.95
Mini Combo Right Clamp
# 86846
List Price $39.95
Online Price $34.99
Mini Right Clamp
# 86847
Online Price $29.95