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Precision-cut even the toughest materials with Micro-Mark's assortment of hobby knives and craft cutters. All craft knives and cutters have undergone the highest level of quality testing to ensure that all Micro-Mark customers are using the best tools for their projects. In addition, check out Micro-Mark's knife blades, cutting pads, T-bars, laser cutter and other must-have accessories for your workshop.

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ErgoKiwi Plywood Knife
# 88716
Online Price $74.95
Hot Wire Foam Cutter
# 82104
List Price $39.99
Online Price $34.95
Wood Strip Cutter
# 14568
Online Price $11.95
ErgoKiwi Bocote Knife
# 88715
Online Price $79.95
ErgoKiwi PaperStone Knife
# 88714
Online Price $89.95
ErgoKiwi Bocote Knife, No. 11
# 88886
Online Price $79.95