Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers

Turn to Micro-Mark for the right mini screwdriver set or nut driver set for your next project. When you want to craft the perfect model, the key is in the details, and Micro-Mark has the mini screwdriver or nut driver you need. With our no-hassle guarantee, you'll always shop with confidence at Micro-Mark.

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5-piece Screwdriver Set
# 82123
Online Price $20.45
6-piece Miniature Wrench Set
# 82282
List Price $20.85
Online Price $19.95
Quick Wedge Screwdriver / Screw Starter
# 83512
Online Price $13.95
Screw-Holding Tweezer
# 88042
Online Price $9.95
Electronic Demagnetizer, 110VAC
# 87912
List Price $29.95
Online Price $19.95