Power Tool Accessories

Micro-Mark's power tool accessories include chucks and collets, burrs and cutters, buffers and miniature saw blades. Cut, smooth, engrave and buff to perfection with a mini lathe or MicroLux accessories. All of Micro-Mark's standard and miniature power tool accessories undergo the highest level of quality testing to guarantee long-term satisfaction.

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Dremel EZ Lock Tile Cutting Disk
# 85993
Online Price $28.95
Dremel EZ Lock Wood Cutting Disk
# 85992
List Price $19.95
Online Price $17.95
8-piece Large Turning Tool Set
# 87336
List Price $24.95
Online Price $21.95
Carbide Cutting Blade for Ultra-Saw
# 87837
Online Price $17.95
US520 Masonry Cutting Wheel
# 87839
Online Price $4.95
Wood Flush Cut Wheel
# 87841
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Diamond Grit Metal Cutting Wheel
# 87842
List Price $20.95
Online Price $16.95