Resistance Soldering Equipment

Micro-Mark's soldering & electrical department includes soldering irons, soldering tips, resistance soldering kits, torches for assembling metal components and, of course, solder and flux. Whether you need to strip micro-sized wires or assemble brass models, Micro-Mark has the right soldering tools for you. Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority and all of Micro-Mark's products are backed by our no-hassle policy.

6 Products

Resistance Soldering Unit
# 85522
List Price $200.00
Online Price $174.95
Grounding Vise For Resistance Soldering Unit
# 85824
List Price $99.95
Online Price $69.95
Cross Locking, Heat Resistant Tweezer
# 60904
Online Price $7.95
MicroLux® Soldering Tweezer
# 86589
List Price $80.00
Online Price $59.95