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Micro-Mark has all of the HO scale structures and O scale buildings to make your miniature landscapes come to life! From mines to country stores to freight terminals, choose from HO scale building and O scale kits from top brands like Bachmann, Banta, Cityscenes, Walthers and our very own Scientific. Whether you're an experienced modeler or a beginning hobbyist, Micro-Mark has all the mini components and kits you want!

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Lionel "Big Tatz Ink" Building Structure, O Gauge
# 89804
Online Price $89.95


Lionel "Dominant Jeans" Building Structure, O Scale
# 89805
Online Price $99.95


Blair Line LLC Drive-In Theater Structure Kit, HO Scale
# 89576
List Price $26.95
Online Price $24.95
Blair Line LLC Yard Cafe/Hiway Café Structure Kit, HO Scale
# 89578
List Price $39.95
Online Price $37.95
Blair Line LLC "Pizza Land" Pizzeria Structure Kit, HO Scale
# 89582
List Price $33.95
Online Price $31.95