Standard Grain Milliput, 4 oz.

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Standard Grain Milliput, 4 oz.

Standard Grain Milliput, 4 oz.
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Milliput...the Incredible Modeling Putty from England

Milliput is the 2 part, easy-to-use epoxy putty that molds like clay and cures to the hardness of porcelain. Use for scratch building, sculpting, repairing, gap filling, pattern making and customizing. Ideal for military miniatures, ship model parts, dolls, dollhouse accessories, plastic models and thousands of other items. Roll it as thin as 1/64 inch for making super detailed scale parts (see #81006 Sculpting Set, sold separately). Can be sawn, drilled, filed, sanded and painted when cured. Smooths with a wet finger and cleans up with water before it cures. Fully cured in 5 hours without heat or sooner with a hair dryer. The choice of master model makers throughout the world. Grey color, net weight 4 oz.

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