Tech 6 Sound Controller 6.0

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Tech 6 Sound Controller 6.0

Tech 6 Sound Controller 6.0
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Enjoy the Operation, Lights and Sounds of DCC Locomotives without Converting Your DC Layout to DCC

Want to avoid the hassle and expense of installing decoders in your older DC engines to keep them operational while you enjoy the sounds from new DCC-equipped locomotives? Then an MRC Tech 6 Sound Controller is the power pack for you. Simply use it in place of your old DC power pack and, at the press of a single button, you can switch between regular DC and DCC operation. Controls one standard DC locomotive or up to six decoder-equipped locomotives running simultaneously, plus programming ability to set DCC decoder configurations* and DC momentum (if desired). Incredibly easy-to-use; for scales Z through O.

Tech 6 Soundcontroller 6.0 includes walkaround controller, command station and power supply (6 amp capacity).

*Note: This system will operate Tsunami decoders, except it cannot reprogram Tsunami decoder addresses. Use a friend's DCC system to change a Tsunami decoder's address.

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