1" Cushioned Sander

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Our Price $11.95

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Contoured surfaces present certain challenges when finishing. Rigid sanders are not only bulky and awkward to use on curves and in confined spaces, they can create flat spots which are sure to ruin the workpiece. Our cushioned sanders are just the right size for smoothing contours with delicate control, even inside bowls, gourds, model ship hulls and more…and the flexible, semi-soft abrasive mount conforms to and glides over rounded surfaces instead of digging into them. Also great for smoothing lathe-turned workpieces to perfection. Hook-and-loop fastening system makes abrasive disk swaps quick, clean and easy. Abrasive disks are available separately in 80, 120 and 220 grit (#86930, 86931 and 86932).

Available with 1/4" shank (#86925) which is compatible with a wide variety of drills and right angle attachments, and 1/8" shank (#86926) which is compatible with a wide variety of rotary tools and right angle attachments, including MicroLux, Dremel and more.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Wood Dust which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to: www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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1" Cushion Sander



I didn't buy this item for it's sanding possibilities, I bought it for the potential for "BUFFING".
<br>This uses the same peel and stick backing that my Dewalt orbital buffer uses. So I cut out a 1" round section from a used 6" buffing pad, shaped it with an exacto blade, set my dremel to 7,000 rpm and using some yellow wax, buffed an old diecast to a perfect shine.
<br>Then I turned my sights on a plastic car model kit hood painted with enamel paint. There were some minor scratches and orange peel on the hood and I am pleased to say that it not only removed the minor scratches but the orange peel too!
<br>Micromark needs to get a full set of sanding grits up and including 12,000 grit and get custom made foam buffing pads in a variety of styles (flat round, pointed and skinny) for cutting and buffing paint!
<br>This is going to get a lot of use from me!